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Embedding our local CR strategy

Our CR vision

We operate as a network of firms, offering a consistent quality of service and experience to clients both locally and across the globe. With so many PwC firms operating in different environments, in diverse parts of the world, with different cultures, each firm must set its own local priorities. However, we know that only by aligning behind a unified CR vision and approach across the PwC network, and collaborating to measure and manage what we do, will we maximise the impacts of our efforts and continuously improve.

We have consulted internally and externally to develop a local CR strategy and framework that strikes a balance with global priorities and aligning the PwC network where necessary. Our CR strategy has local and global applicability and reflects the core areas where we add value to PwC firms’ clients and to society.

The implementation tools support PwC firms in their interpretation and implementation of the strategy. They include:

Our CR commitments

These commitments reflect our strategy implementation timeline and relate to the implementation of our Network CR strategy.

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Leadership ladders

We provide clear and practical CR development pathways for PwC firms as well as a means to compare progress and performance.

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CR commitments

These commitments reflect our strategy implementation timeline (FY 2014–FY 2016) and relates to the implementation of our CR strategy and enhancements to our CR reporting at the network level. We know that by aligning behind a unified vision and approach across the Network and collaborating to measure and manage what we do, will we maximise the impacts of our efforts.

To have a positive impact on the world around us, we will:

Harness the power of our network to scale responsible business behaviours

By the end of FY2014, we would have aligned our local CR strategy to the global CR strategy to use our skills, voice and relationships to be a catalyst for change. We will assess ourselves against the Global CR leadership ladders and develop clear progression plans. We will also set targets for improved performance in the questions relating to CR in PwC's Global People Survey.

Build an even more inclusive culture that values difference

By the end of FY2014, PwC will have conducted a thorough demographic analysis to identify key local populations and understand barriers and enablers to diverse leadership. We will also undertake efforts to raise our people's awareness of the importance of diversity and engage them in efforts to increase cultural dexterity. By the end of FY2016, we will put programmes in place to drive increased leadership diversity and the development of diverse staff.

Increase the positive social impact of our community activities

By the end of FY2015, PwC will provide opportunities for their people to take part in volunteering activities that involve the contribution of their professional skills and will pilot output and outcome-based performance measurement for our community activities.

Manage our impact on the environment

In line with our new global environmental statement, by the end of FY2015 we will implement a local environmental policy and environmental management approach to minimise negative impacts.

Enhance the transparency and relevance of our CR reporting

By the end of FY 2014, our reporting at the Network level will be enhanced to include stakeholder engagement efforts undertaken by the largest 21 firms. In order to achieve this, we have put in place enhanced internal reporting structures to improve the efficiency and accuracy of reporting on our CR performance. By the end of FY 2015, we will adhere to the performance-based targets for the Network as a whole and during FY 2017, we will gain assurance on FY 2016 priority network key performance indicators (KPIs).

Leadership ladders

Firms in the PwC network have different priorities in relation to CR. Our global strategy provides a common vision for leadership but allows for flexibility in the pace, prioritisation and localisation of activities. To provide practical yet flexible guidance on strategy implementation for PwC firms, the Global CR team has developed "leadership ladders".

For each focus area the ladders provide practical guidance and inspiration to progress from foundation level CR activities to CR leadership. The leadership ladders work alongside our Global Code of Conduct to which all PwC firms adhere. Below we provide a summary of the type of guidance included in the leadership ladders.

Our Leadership ladders

Our leadership ladders set minimum standards and provide guidance on how PwC firms achieve leadership in corporate responsibility. Each of the four steps of the ladder considers four dimensions: behaviour change; strategy and policy; measurement and engagement; and impact assessment.

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