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Advisory delivers mostly positive results, driven by our focus on being client-centric, developing our people and embracing new technologies.



Advisory highlights

As PwC Africa Advisory we strive to create value for our firm, our people, and our clients across Africa by building trust in society and solving important problems. By putting our purpose and values at the core of our thinking and doing, we were able to navigate the uncertainty and challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the needs of our firm, our people and our clients. 

Our Consulting, Deals and Forensics businesses quickly adapted to how we work with each other and with our clients by adopting digital tools and technologies. Our proactive and hands-on approach to managing our business, people and clients minimised the disruption of the pressure and challenges that working remotely imposed on us. We were truly inspired by our people and teams working together and reimagining the possible in how they responded to circumstances that none of us have ever experienced. They contributed to the sustainability of our practice beyond COVID-19 by staying engaged, productive and positive.

In FY22 we will continue to embed our global Connected Execution strategy to transform our operating and delivery models to bring the best of PwC to help our clients solve their most complex problems. Our focus over the next year will be: 

  • Bolstering Advisory Risk and Quality to focus on safe delivery that unlocks value for our clients.

  • Getting even closer to our clients and using feedback to inform the evolution of our engagement model to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes for our clients.

  • Staying focused on operational excellence to maintain momentum and drive growth in key investment areas.

  • Evolving our people value proposition to retain and attract top talent.

  • Prioritising corporate social responsibility by allowing our people to drive the impact in their respective communities using the resources available to them.


High-level financial results


Financial results - revenue

Financial results

COVID-19 impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a significant change in how we do everyday life. Although the global pandemic was an unprecedented change that continues to affect our clients, our people and greater society today, PwC Advisory has been committed to supporting all our stakeholders as we navigate through the myriad of restrictions and other challenges. While the path to the new normal was defined by digital transformation and flexibility, PwC invested in an extensive range of technology to modernise and mobilise our vast workforce to promote efficiency and greater social interaction. From an Advisory perspective, we established a Programme Management Office to support our people and minimise disruption to client delivery and our business operations. Our leadership teams undertook a ‘hands-on’ approach, ensuring teams had access to the right information via various channels. We stayed virtually connected through status updates and team activities, and inspired clients by delivering seamlessly in this new world. Through our various efforts amidst this challenging time, we continue to work towards ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.

The pandemic has accelerated digital delivery and normalised virtual working, which in turn has enabled greater global collaboration on the delivery of cross-border and cross-territory projects. We have seen a significant increase in revenues earned from delivering projects on behalf of firms in other territories. This is critical in bringing the power of the global network to our clients and showcasing industry-leading expertise. We have seen significant wins in South Africa as a result of being able to bring global small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to our clients without significantly increasing fees.


Delivering our strategy



A culture of quality is deeply rooted within Advisory and remains at the heart of our team and client engagements. Over time, we have bolstered our Risk and Quality team highlighting value and culminating in a personalised experience for our clients. 

For instance, as part of our quality review programme, over the past year, we have further strengthened our in-flight review process,and launched delivery platforms to house the latest information to drive a consistent approach with our clients and sales and delivery teams. This was done while also closely monitoring our risk and quality performance indicators to drive quality delivery and enhance the client experience. 

We have a rigorous internal Advisory Project Acceptance Committee that reviews and assesses high-value and high-risk projects to ensure we put quality and safe delivery at the centre of what we do. 

Focus areas for FY22

  • This year we plan to continue increasing the focus on quality in everything we do through localised research based on client feedback.
  • Embedding the quality partner role in the in-flight review process.
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of risk and quality Key Performance Indicators (KPIs.)


Sharpening our market focus


To meet the growing needs of our clients, our focus has been on accelerating our Advisory Connected Execution+ strategy within our community of solvers. By doubling down on key activities within each element of our strategy, we have been able to deliver tangible, differentiating value for our clients as we continue to reap the benefits of a connected network of firms.

Additionally, in building trust in society and solving important problems we have challenged the status quo and changed the conversation in the market and the firm. This has helped us to: 

  • elevate our market presence;
  • capture market share;
  • build lasting relationships with our priority accounts;
  • drive critical propositions in a coordinated market campaign; 
  • leveraging COVID-19 initiatives;
  • increase our win rate; and
  • strengthen alliances.

Focus areas for FY22

This year Advisory will focus on the ongoing development of our accounts pipeline and will grow our strategic growth teams and investments.


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