Deal Strategy

Creating insights to inform strategic decision making


Who we are

  • We are a dedicated corporate strategy consulting team within the PwC Deals practice.
  • The Deal Strategy team has a unique blend of M&A / Deals Advisory and Strategy Consulting experience.
  • Our work combines rigorous research and analysis with deep industry expertise through access to the Global PwC network of specialists. This allows us to deliver insightful and value-adding corporate strategies and international benchmarking.
  • We work across the African continent, with offices in over 34 countries.



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PwC's Deal Strategy

Creating insights to inform strategic decision making

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Issues you may be facing

For every major investment decision, our Deal Strategy team will support you to ensure the decision is sound, investment risks are manageable, and deal value can be created.

We provide assistance throughout the deal cycle, on both buy and sell-side mandates. Typical challenges faced by our clients include the following:

  • Understanding the complex dynamics of market attractiveness in new sectors or geographies you wish to enter.
  • Estimating an accurate and comprehensive market size, market share, growth and the key drivers.
  • Determining the commercial potential for future organic and acquisitive growth.
  • Understanding the level of competition within the market.
  • Sufficiently interrogating revenue forecasts with a commercial lens and evaluating strategic growth opportunities.
  • Difficulty in fully articulating a seller value proposition to answer all the buyer’s questions.
  • Challenges in identifying and quantifying value levers to maximise value in both buy and sell-side transactions.



How we can help you

Commercial due diligence (CDD)

The assessment of historic and forecast market data (structure, size, growth, trends), customer and competitor analysis, regulatory overviews. CDD provides a commercial view on the achievability of management's business plan / forecast.​

Explore more about our Commercial due diligence services here.

ESG due diligence

An assessment of a Target’s material ESG considerations to identify risks / opportunities in support of an investment decision making process. It includes a detailed understanding of ESG trends impacting different points of the industry value chain, and how that affects the Target. Equally, we consider the complete stakeholder landscape and identify the most material ESG issues to each grouping.

Learn more about our ESG Due Diligence and ESG Health Check Capabilities services here.

Market feasibility studies

The assessment of the depth and condition of a particular market, commercial viability, size of opportunity, and the market’s ability to support a proposed new entrant / investment.​

Target screening

Reviewing a range of potential targets based on specified acquisition criteria. This provides a pool of targets on which a further deep-dive (due diligence) can be performed.​

Strategic options analysis

Strategic options refer to the investment options available to a client and the underlying initiatives. This provides external insights to allow the client to make an informed strategic decision (buy / sell or fix / hold for sale).

Strategy development

Strategy consulting identifies organic and inorganic responses to the current and future commercial environment based on a business's vision and the capabilities that it has / needs to achieve that.

Portfolio review

Understand the viability of a set of businesses against the commercial context within which they operate. Providing guidance around buy / hold / sell / turnaround strategy.

Customer segmentation analysis

Conducting external customer analysis to better understand the addressable markets, key trends and drivers, and key purchasing criteria. Reviewing internal customer base for insights around concentration risk, buying behaviour, and additional revenue opportunities.

Revenue optimisation

Analysing multiple revenue streams and their potential against market and commercial considerations, whilst identifying new potential revenue opportunities. Developing strategic initiatives to reposition the business to access opportunities.

Red flags and risk identification

Conducting an assessment of various risks and issues facing the business from a commercial perspective for both financial and operational aspects of the business.

Business plan reviews

Assessing the reasonability of management’s business plan or financial model assumptions, by applying a commercial market context for reasonableness, whilst identifying any risks and opportunities.


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