Family governance

We assist you in building lasting value by developing a professional family constitution with you. With our holistic approach, your individual owner strategy combines family strategy with business strategy, professionalizing your family governance while covering all aspects that the owners of a family business need to consider.

Based on the goals and values of the family business and its business family, the owner’s strategy develops the tools that the business needs for governance, business transition. It is usually documented in a family constitution – putting values into action.

What is a family constitution?

A family constitution sets out the strategy of a business-owning family, documenting its vision, mission, strategy, structure and rules. It is a morally binding document, composed such that it is universally understandable in the individual family’s language. It is a social contract between the shareholders and the family stakeholders. It is not a checklist or recipe; rather, it is very much an individually tailored document.

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