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We all learn from each other, whether it’s those who have gone before us or those people around us today that we trust. These connections and relationships are fundamental to each of us as we shape our future.

As part of PwC’s global NextGen Club, you’ll become part of our local and international network of people that will support you as you choose your leadership path. Some Club members will be facing the same questions and challenges as you are. Others will have ‘been there and done it’. One thing's for certain, though: they’ll all be powerful connections who can share experience, insight and expertise. They’ll know what it takes to run a business, create a philanthropic enterprise, or embrace new technology and ways of working. They’ll know people you can work with. People who can help you grow and evolve your own business. Or start building your own legacy.

And you’ll be able to draw on the connections of the wider PwC network - whether that’s global educational institutions, established businesses, charities, industry bodies or professional networks. You’ll meet people who understand technology and innovation; people who can help you find investment opportunities; people who can help you understand the fast-paced, dynamic and evolving world that we’re all a part of today.

Whichever direction you want to take, the NextGen Club will help you build connections and turn your ambitions into action.

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With the PwC network behind it, the NextGen Club is truly global - yet locally based in your community.

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‘Within five minutes of sitting down I realised that we are not alone in our familial business challenges. It was amazing to discuss the simple, yet far-reaching values taught around the family table from a young age. What stood out for me - to be a successful business the family members need to agree what success looks like for them.’

Erich Andrag, Operations Assistant, Bydenweg

The NextGen club is testament to way in which PwC displays their understanding of their client needs and the lengths they go to gain this understanding and then be able to offer value to their clients. The NextGen club has provided me with a platform to not only hear I’m not the only one with family business issues (and opportunities), but it has also provided me with the opportunity to learn how other family businesses have overcome these challenges and unlocked new value for their family members, businesses and employees. Its the most unique platform I’ve come across to gain distilled knowledge from other experienced family business members. I have recommended and brought along close friends and business partners who are also in family businesses to the NextGen club and I can recommend it to anyone in a family business, even those who are part of the family but not in the business will find it extremely insightful. A big thanks to PwC for investing their resources into this and providing unrivaled expertise to their clients.

At van der Linde Jnr, Managing Director, Blue Asset & Property Management 
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