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Family business services

Supporting family businesses achieve their long-term goals

You wish to ensure that your family business leaves a lasting legacy? PwC will help you do so by providing you with a variety of professional services that your trusted advisor will tailor to your specific demands.

The family business faces the same economic challenges as any other organisation operating in the corporate business environment. Yet it is different: beyond economics, it has a number of unique strengths and weaknesses rooted in its ownership structure.

Where other companies might measure success in quarters, family businesses measure success in generations. Where others might focus only on value, business families focus on values. But at the same time, family dynamics and non-business considerations can derail even the most profitable enterprise, particularly when catalysed by events such as a generational transition or an external economic crisis.

A family business owner and a PwC employee shaking hands

At PwC's family business services dedicated specialists have worked with the top family businesses around the globe for decades. We have a keen understanding of the unique subtleties of family businesses, and we have the tools, experience and focus to help family businesses optimise the positive forces in family enterprises, while anticipating and minimising conflicts and risks.

We assist families in developing comprehensive solutions around their family governance, succession planning, family business strategy, private wealth management, family office and philanthropy. With our Next Gen Club and our annual Family Business Conference, we create platforms for the top SA family business leaders to share, learn and network with each other. From the first generation to the seventh generation and beyond, SA family businesses know they can rely on our specialists to be their trusted business advisors.


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PwC Africa Family Business Conference

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PwC Africa Family Business Conference 2019

View some of the highlights from the 2019 PwC Africa Family Business Conference.

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What advice would you give to family businesses?

Families were interviewed at the 2019 Africa Family Business Conference and asked what advice they would give to fellow family businesses.


At PwC we have a significant focus on family-owned businesses. We know that the most successful family businesses are those in which there is a good balance between professional management and responsible business ownership on the one hand, and a healthy family dynamic on the other.

Common challenges that family businesses typically experience:

  • Establishment of healthy family governance, balanced with professional corporate governance
  • Sound, robust and well communicated succession planning
  • Timely identification of new leadership and future talent
  • Open communication with the next generation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Funding and access to capital.


Family businesses go through various stages of growth and development over time. Each generation and stage of development faces its own unique challenges. 


“The first meeting with Catharina was a breeze. I really appreciated her background and expertise in family business. She created space for open and honest conversations whilst sharing best practice notes with us. She encouraged us to explore our feelings and opinions and allowed for our uniqueness to be reflected in our constitution. After three workshops, I got the impression that she really cared about our success, which gave me a lot of comfort. Conversely, I appreciated how frank she could be and how she was able to, not only pick up on the elephant in the room, but address this as well.”

Dr. Elikem C. Tamaklo, Managing Director, Nyaho Medical Centre


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