Forensic services

Preventing, responding to and remediating a wide range of business threats, risks and complex issues

Due to pervasive nature of economic crime and fraud; the intensity of globalisation and the pace at which business is evolving, organisations today face risks that threaten their very existence.  You need a trusted advisor to navigate you through these challenges and help you formulate an effective response to threats to your business. With our advanced skills, vast experience and specialised technology, we at PwC Forensic Services are geared to provide you clarity and confidence in these trying times.   


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How we can add value

Anti-bribery and Anti-Corruption Services

Our anti-bribery and corruption professionals have the knowledge, experience and global footprint to assist you in understanding, managing and responding to bribery and corruption threats and incidents. We can assist you in developing state of the art compliance programs, identifying compliance red flags in your organisation, conducting third party due diligence and investigating bribery and corruption allegations and incidents.

Find out more about our Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Services here.

Disclosure Management and Vetting Services

In a changing world where transparency has become key to accountability, the risk of conflicts of interest within an organisation can be detrimental. 

At PwC, we have adapted to the new environment we find ourselves in and have embraced new methods to address this important business imperative.

Find out more about our Disclosure Management and Vetting Services here.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes often arise from unforeseen events which result in claims for damages. These claims can be complex, as they are based on projected outcomes. We work with clients and their legal teams to address financial, accounting and economic issues throughout the dispute cycle.

Find out more about our Dispute Resolution Services here.

Financial Crime Risk Management

At PwC we navigating clients through Anti-Money Laundering, Countering the Financing of Terrorism and Sanctions.

Find out more about our Financial Crime Risk Management Services here.

Forensic Investigations

Corporate crime poses a real and substantial threat to business sustainability: undetected and unchecked, it can create costly long-term problems. As a result, moving assertively to prevent or counter illegal activities is critical. 

Find out more about our Investigation Services here.

Forensic Technology Solutions

We offer a wide range of proactive and reactive digital forensic investigation services through our experienced team of investigators, data engineers, and state of the art technology within our Forensic Technology Solutions division.

Find out more about our Forensic Technology Solutions Services here.

Forensics Risk and Response

Organisations need to change their approach and response to risk to ensure it drives strategy, capabilities and performance within a dynamic and often unpredictable environment.

Read more about our Forensic Risk and Respose Services.

Forensics Risk and Regulatory

At PwC, we work with you to redefine the way risk and regulation is seen. With our help, you won’t just navigate around potential problems, you’ll also be positioned to get ahead.  Our strategy is to ensure that the identification of risk is an opportunity to prepare, respond and emerge stronger.  Together, we can develop and help you to implement transparent and compelling business strategies that customers, regulators, employees and stakeholders will buy into. By adding our skills, experience and expertise to yours, your business can stand out for the right reasons.

Read more about our Forensic Risk and Regulatory Services.

Fraud Risk Consulting

Our proactive Fraud Risk Consulting services are designed for organisations that wish to manage fraud before the problems occur. We help organisations build a defence line and manage their economic crime risks.

Find out more about our fraud risk consulting services here.

Global Intelligence

Organisations are increasingly looking harder for growth opportunities in global markets. But with a world of opportunity also comes a level of uncertainty. Regulators are applying higher levels of scrutiny, and other stakeholders are demanding more integrity. Trust and reputation in corporate relationships are vital. 

Find out more about our Global Intelligence Services here.

Healthcare Forensic Advisory Services

The healthcare industry is increasingly being plagued by instances of fraud, waste and abuse. A robust and decisive response to these issues is key to providing clarity and confidence to the market and unlocking the value that is lost to these undesirable practices.


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