Asset Management

Local government challenges

  • GRAP 17 implementation and compliance
  • Asset componentisation
  • Recording and accounting for mainly Infrastructure assets
  • Globular amounts and valuation of infrastructure assets
  • Impairments
  • Annual re-assessment of remaining useful lives (RUL)
  • Annual financial disclosures (Notes and relevant Annexures)
  • Lack in asset management skills and capacity
  • Linking assets to sources of financing
  • Capital expenditure versus operating maintenance and refurbishment cost

PwC proposition

We assist and work with municipalities in dealing with their asset management challenges by:

  • Providing GRAP compliant fixed asset registers
  • Performing asset verifications
  • Performing condition assessments
  • Providing our asset management system BAUD
  • Striving to improve co-ordination across the departments in municipalities and the office of the CFO to break down the silo effect and improve asset management
  • Assisting with the answering of asset related audit queries
  • Advising on asset optimisation and alignment to service delivery requirements
  • Providing training in asset management and related concepts
  • Developing and/or advising on policies and procedures

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