Financial management

“Real, sustainable transformation is enabled by sound financial management and Municipalities developing the internal capacity of Local Government through partnering in action!”

Local Government challenges

  • Finance function effectiveness
  • Revenue enhancement and inaccurate billing
  • Cash flow
  • Cost management
  • Supply chain management
  • Contract management
  • Reporting to multiple stakeholders
  • Management reporting, business intelligence and decision support
  • Performance reporting
  • Year end closure and financial statements

PwC proposition
Financial management and administration is a core PwC competency. We are proud to commit to work with municipalities in dealing with their financial management challenges by:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of municipalities’ finance functions in supporting the delivery of the core local government mandate
  • Assisting municipalities to implement structures, process, technology and skills development to enhance revenue
  • Advising on costing methodologies, associated technology, sustainable cost management and tariff determination
  • Guiding municipalities on best options, methods and systems to forecast and manage cash flow
  • Advising on best options for supply chain management to ensure compliance and efficiency to support service delivery
  • Providing contract management solutions aimed at reducing municipalities exposure and optimising benefits
  • Working with municipalities to reduce the administrative burden of reporting to multiple stakeholders that require similar information for example the various Regulators, National Treasury and other Governmental Departments
  • Advising on dash boards, KPI’s and appropriate decision support and business intelligence to enhance service delivery and management
  • Providing best options to enable performance reporting relative to municipal wide performance in executing the SDBIP cascaded down to Section 57 managers and staff
  • Providing innovative solutions to reduce the time taken to effect year end close and to improve the quality of annual financial statements