Leadership and Management Development

“Real, sustainable transformation is possible by developing both political and managerial leadership capacity in Local Government through partnering in action!”

Local Government challenges

  • Effective strategy (GDS/IDP) formulation
  • Management and leadership capacity
  • Strategic planning and execution capacity
  • Capacity of political leadership to effectively lead and engage communities
  • Management capacity to manage and continuously improve service delivery within resource constraints

PwC proposition
We realise the importance of effective leadership in delivering the core local government mandate and get into the trenches to work with municipalities in dealing with their leadership and management development challenges by:

  • Providing local government specific leadership development programmes to both political and management leadership spheres
  • Exposing local government leaders to innovative leadership techniques within the municipal context
  • Assisting Municipal Managers, Executive Directors, Directors and other leaders to unpack service delivery requirements, unblock constraints and how to respond to management requirements
  • Providing guidance to management to optimise people, process and systems capability in breaking down municipal “silos” that impede service delivery