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Ascender: Values-based assessment

A game based psychometric assessment

PwC have developed a psychometric assessment using game-based principles to enhance results and transform candidate experiences.

Take a journey

Take a journey

Make decisions

Make decisions

Save the galaxy

Save the galaxy


Ascender is a web-based psychometric assessment set in the form of an intergalactic journey which offers a unique, graphic novel-styled experience. Candidates are taken on an adventure which requires them to apply their judgement and make decisions when faced with various scenarios. Each decision is linked to a personal values orientation and through the use of a purpose-built scoring algorithm, we are able to determine the degree of alignment of each participant to a set of personal values. 


Game-based assessments are revolutionising traditional assessments and are now a leading global trend.

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Where we can add value

Organisational culture

Through the understanding of personal values and the awareness of corporate values, business and team leaders will be able to drive effective change – focusing on values means that leaders can give corrective feedback to employees at a deeper level rather than only handling isolated infractions.

We believe that any organisation’s culture and values are based not on what the leaders say, but on who the people are. Our view is that an organisation’s values are fluid and shift depending on people and the dynamics between them.

As such, our approach to understanding an organisation’s real values takes into account those values held by the individuals that make up the entire entity. Leaders certainly hold influence over what behaviours are recognised and rewarded, but if they’re going to get to the heart of their people, the starting point must be to understand what’s in their peoples’ hearts.

Using Ascender on internal employees helps with identifying any misalignments between personal and corporate values as well as ensures that any potentially problematic inter-team dynamics are identified and addressed. Additionally, when trying to establish new values or revisit culture, Ascender offers an engaging way of understanding where employees currently aligned so organisations can build from there.

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Team alignment

Ascender reports provide detailed insights into how an individual behaves and makes decisions. This information allows us to strengthen team dynamics and leadership qualities through interactive and engaging sessions.

We have noticed that often the value of assessments stop once a candidate has been placed. We believe, however, that true value lies in the integration of assessment information into general business practices. To this end we have developed insightful training modules based on the Ascender reports - these modules allow for deep analysis into individual and team intricacies.

Our Leadership Development and Team Dynamics training modules allow delegates to gain a different perspective on themselves and those that they work with.

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Personnel placement processes are often tedious and imposing, not only does the Ascender journey offer a refreshing take on these activities but it helps with taking a different placement perspective.

Ascender can be used to bolster your placement processes in numerous ways - using Ascender increases the accessibility of candidates by reaching outlying areas through remote testing capabilities. Not only are we able to help with reaching more candidates but we can help you create a more intelligent and efficient way of sifting through and selecting candidates that is cost-effective.

We then encouraging taking a more dynamic perspective, not only considering candidates but how candidates will align to company and team values. Ascender reports allow you to consider the individuals in your current team and how a new comer might affect the dynamics. Whilst technical skills are important, creating the right team environment, employee fit and motivations that matter is what will cause those technical skills to thrive.

We can help you create a baseline view of your existing teams and then understand how to match up future candidates that fit into those teams in a way that will either disrupt them or maintain the status quo. Our Placement Workshops assist with reviewing values, of both current team members and potential new recruits which allows managers to make more insightful placement decisions  

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