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People remain an enduring competitive advantage for businesses globally. Therefore, ensuring effective people practices is paramount. Within our People and Organisation division we offer clients a fully integrated service which ensures a deeper understanding of people – providing insight into potential thinking patterns, interpersonal skills, role fit and company alignment.

Adding value to business: 

We pride ourselves on offering a fully integrated assessment service which permeates throughout various business areas. This includes:

  • Implementing complete assessment solutions and processes which are tailored specifically to our clients’ needs (including placement, development, change management and skills audit initiatives)
  • Providing integrated insights and customised reports, specific to job competencies or company requirements
  • Facilitating awareness initiatives, training modules and development sessions to further enhance the value and understanding of assessment data
  • Developing and administrating game-based assessments and other digitally inspired solutions
  • Conceptualising novel uses for and approaches to psychometric insights to solve business needs.


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Assessment implementation and administration

Our approach and methodology 

Often, assessments are used in a limited manner, benefitting only certain business areas to the exclusion of others. Our assessment philosophy is to apply a holistic approach. That way, we ensure that the value of prescribing assessments cascades throughout the business.

Psychometric assessments can play a pivotal role in many organisational activities aimed at understanding, developing and cooperating with individuals.

The benefits of understanding people more fully can be invaluable in areas well beyond the traditional use of the data in placement processes.

Steps to implementing customised solutions:
  • Experience and early insights
    • Key stakeholder meetings and establishment of a strategic vision
    • Review of historical data, competencies, assessment policies and people practices
    • Identification of business areas and practices (i.e. placement and succession planning) where value can be added
    • Review of any business concerns (e.g. poor communication or turnover)
    • Design and distribution of selected assessments
  • Data analytics
    • Begin to analyse and understand potential trends and misalignment.
    • Use the analysis from the assessments to establish potential benchmarks and baselines
  • Co-developing the future
    • Entrench assessments in the organisational culture to effectively use assessment data throughout the business.


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Latest in assessment advancements

PwC has developed a values-based psychometric assessment which draws on digital trends and technical innovation as a means to revolutionise traditional methods.

Ascender is a web-based psychometric assessment set in the form of an intergalactic journey. It offers a unique, graphic novel-styled experience which doesn’t require any serious IT or gaming experience.

Candidates are taken on an adventure which requires them to make decisions when faced with various scenarios. Each decision is linked to a personal values orientation, and through the use of a purpose-built scoring algorithm we determine each participant’s degree of alignment to a set of personal values.

This novel and engaging assessment not only provides insight into an individual’s personal values but can also indicate their level of alignment with company values. Understanding this fit can provide awareness regarding areas of development, team/company fit and possible sources of stress.

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Team dynamics and training interventions

Enhancing the meaning of assessments

The true value of assessments often lies in the integration of assessment information into general business practices. To this end we have developed insightful training modules based on select assessment reports – these modules allow for deep analyses of individual and team intricacies.

Broadly, our modules focus on personal development, leadership development, team dynamics and placement decisions, all of which allow delegates to gain a different perspective of themselves and those that they work with. Our modules can be tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs (e.g. addressing poor communication, attrition rates or on-boarding sessions).

Further to this, we also see value in understanding psychometrics and the developments occurring in the field. Accordingly, we offer modules that provide an introduction to psychometrics as well as interesting modules incorporating modernised (gamified/game-based) forms of assessment:

Introduction to psychometrics (two days of training and exposure to four assessments)

Psychometric assessments have been widely used in recruitment for decades. There are, however, a number of ways in which the insights and results can be interpreted and applied to various business cases and engagements to improve how these assessments are conducted and what can be delivered with them. This course will ensure the following outcomes:

  • Understand basic principles, concepts and key aspects of psychometrics and the methodology of the assessments
  • Understand the role that psychometrics plays and the benefits of these assessments
  • Be able to identify cases where psychometric assessments can be used in engagements
  • Build confidence in analysing psychometric reports.

This module is a great introduction for any personnel who may be new to using assessments or for teams who would like to gain more insight.

Modern assessment trends (one day of training and exposure to three assessments)

  • Overview of and advancements within the field of psychometrics and individual insights
  • Gaming principles in the field of psychometrics
  • The upside and downside of applying gamification in psychometrics, and research trends
  • Where gamified assessments fit into the people strategy of an organisation.

For more information or to book a session contact us here.


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Organisational values and change analysis

Understanding the impact of change on people

Corporate values and culture are critical to any organisation wishing to remain relevant to its people and the markets.

Using assessments when revising corporate values or undergoing cultural shifts

Assessments are not always considered when companies begin the exciting journey of reconsidering what values and culture it will need to embrace in order to be fit for the future.  Reconsidering an organisation’s values or reviewing its culture often elicits questions such as,  ‘What do our people value and how will that impact on us?’ and 'How should we engage with our people to get them on board with our vision?’ The right assessments can provide insights that can aid the process.

We believe an organisation’s culture and actual values should be based not on what the leaders say but on who the people are. Our view is that an organisation’s values are fluid and that they shift, depending on the people within and the dynamics between them. As such, our approach to understanding the organisation’s real values needs to take into account those values held by the individuals that make up the entire entity. Leaders certainly hold influence over what behaviours are recognised and rewarded, but if they’re going to get to the heart of their people, the starting point must be to understand what’s in their people’s hearts.

We can help you create a baseline view of your existing teams and then gain an understanding of how to develop current employees or match up future candidates so they will fit into those teams in a way that will either disrupt them or maintain the status quo.

Using assessments for change initiatives

When undergoing any change, it is also often beneficial to gauge how this change could impact some employees more than others – in a world that is ever changing, it becomes important to recognise the impact of change and who might be more receptive to it. Assessments act as a great tool in this process.


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Building solutions

Novel simulations customised to your needs

When it comes to meeting the needs of our clients, we pride ourselves on ensuring all solutions are individually customised and tailored. We are able to provide digitally enhanced assessment solutions based on unique needs. For example, these solutions can take the form of virtual reality simulations.  We work with clients to build entirely new business solutions which draw on the latest in technological trends and digital advancements.

We follow a three-step process to meet our clients’ needs:

  1. Provide customised tests or simulations for clients and key roles. These simulations are commonly applicable in the following environments:
    • Health and safety training
    • Placement activities
    • Team building and leadership development
    • Diversity awareness
    • Candidate role previews.
  2. Pilot and roll out the initiative to target groups (gathering research if required).
  3. Assist with continued implementation, delivery and maintenance of the tools.


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