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Providing people insights to help build a modern workforce


People are any company’s competitive advantage, and our Assessment team works with clients in all industry sectors, with companies of all sizes, at every level of the organisation to ensure their talent assessment strategy has the maximum business impact. We don’t only look at commercial value, but at social value as well. Our focus is strongly on human capital, its identification, amplification, positioning and leveraging for societal benefits. 

Our fully integrated service ensures a deeper understanding of people – providing insight into potential thinking patterns, interpersonal skills, role fit and company alignment. We take you through the assessment journey, from determining the appropriate assessment for your needs, providing integrated insights and customised reports, to facilitating awareness initiatives, training modules and development sessions to help you understand the assessment data.



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Issues you may be facing

  • Are you struggling to find the right candidate for a specific role?
  • Is your organisation’s staff attrition worryingly high?
  • Does your workforce behaviour align with the organisation’s vision and values?
  • Are you failing to develop key competencies and behaviours?
  • Can you confidently separate the best from the rest when dealing with a diverse talent pool (graduates)?
  • Are you having difficulty blending multiple personalities into a cohesive and unified team?
  • Are your organisation’s succession planning initiatives future proof?
  • Do you need help identifying and growing future leaders?


How we can help you

Talent management

With deep experience in optimising the talent acquisition process, our assessment team has not only successfully completed numerous client projects, but also has extensive recruitment expertise. This is supported by over 100 robust psychometric products at our disposal, aimed at assisting you in identifying the right talent.s.


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Development and retention

Our Assessment team has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in developing and retaining your existing talent in order to meet your organisation’s objectives. Some of our assessment solutions will assist you to:

  • future proof your organisation;
  • identify your high potential employees and future leaders;
  • invest in those who are likely to perform and stay;
  • fill the talent pipeline to grow talent for future requirements; and
  • be inclusive and give everyone growth opportunities.


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Organisational values

We believe that the values of individuals within organisations are a deeply seated source of motivation. Values shape employee behaviour, which in turn influences individual, team, and organisational performance. 

As such, our approach to understanding the organisation’s real values needs to take into account those values held by the individual employees. Leaders certainly hold influence over what behaviours are recognised and rewarded, but if they’re going to get to the heart of their people, the starting point must be to understand what’s in their people’s hearts.

Assessments are not always considered when a company begins the exciting journey of reconsidering what values (and culture, for that matter) it will need to embrace in order to be fit for the future. Similarly, for companies undergoing change, it is often beneficial to gauge how this change could impact some employees more than others.


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Creating high performance teams

One of the key benefits of using psychometric assessments is the ability not only to measure individual  behaviours that can impact team performance, but also to model possible future scenarios based on the predictive validity of the assessment. This means that you’re not only able to identify current strengths and areas of development, but also to utilise these strengths as well as implement targeted learning and development initiatives. 

Assessment results can be used to identify individual strengths that may enhance team performance and customise team roles to facilitate synergy between the best facets your team has to offer. In addition, assessments that focus on the team as a whole can assist in team processes that may prevent your team from performing optimally.  We also offer relevant bespoke training, based on the assessment results, to help your team become more effective by focusing their energies on identified strengths, while mitigating the potential impact of developmental areas.  


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Gamified assessments

We’re an innovative team who understand the importance of keeping ‘current’ in the world of psychometrics. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to both develop and source digitally inspired solutions. As the world of psychometrics becomes more digitally enabled, gamified  assessments are becoming a popular choice when assessing candidates. These take robust, scientific psychometric theory and introduce certain gaming mechanics to create a more engaging and contemporary-looking online test.  

Not only have we developed our own game-based assessment, but we’re also able to source those that will give you the information you need about the applicant’s capabilities, and at the same time provide an engaging user experience for candidates. 

Find out more about our game-based assessment Ascender here.


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