Capacity Building

Local government challenges

  • Loss of institutional knowledge because of staff attrition
  • Difficulty in keeping skills and capacity aligned to ever increasing service delivery demands
  • Technology advances demand that local government management and staff remain relevant
  • Difficulty in attracting suitably qualified staff
  • Inability to create careers for staff and staff retention
  • Effective, relevant and local government orientated training
  • Effective utilisation of LG Seta and other skills development options

PwC proposition

We are passionate about people, understanding the game and working in partnership with municipalities in dealing with capacity challenges by:

  • Providing relevant training through our local government Business School
  • Analysing the impact of service delivery demands on local government skills and assisting municipalities to align training
  • Providing, together with our technology partners, basic training in business and information technology
  • Advising municipalities on talent management strategies and career pathing for staff
  • Advising municipalities on relevant and practical training programmes
  • Providing local government orientated skills audits, analysis and capacity building programmes to ensure appropriate skills and capacity development
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