Governance, Internal Audit and Risk Management

Government & Public Services challenges

  • Fraud, corruption and whistle blowing.
  • Compliance with legislation, internal codes of conduct, policies and procedures
  • Risk management – financial and operational
  • Clean audit reports
  • Effective risk based internal audit
  • King IV implementation
  • Supply chain and procurement compliance
  • Ethics and behaviour

PwC proposition

We know that governance and associated aspects are not negotiable and are keen to share our experience working with government and public services by:

  • Developing and co-implementing anti fraud and corruption strategies, frameworks, policies, procedures and whistle blowing
  • Helping municipalities understand the impact of non compliance and how to effectively embed compliance into day to day activities
  • Advising municipalities to understand enterprise wide risks their impact and how to manage these
  • Developing controls that will ensure regularity of transactions and compliance with the MFMA, related regulations, internal policies and bylaws
  • Advising municipalities on effective internal audit approaches and options
  • Providing a range of flexible internal audit options
  • Assisting municipalities to understand and implement the King IV code in the local government context
  • Providing detailed local government supply chain and procurement advice to balance efficiency towards effective service delivery and compliance
  • Providing guidance on ethics and codes of conduct in the municipal context, to both political and administrative spheres of local government
  • Advising on effective separation of political leadership and management for governance purposes

Reliable governance is possible by developing the internal capacity of government and public services through partnering in action!

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