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Strategy (GDS/IDP) executions preformance management

Local government challenges

  • GDS based on economic reality and potential for the municipal area of jurisdiction and the region
  • Realistic IDP’s and SDBIP’s
  • GDS, IDP & SDBIP alignment
  • Municipal and individual scorecards
  • Productivity
  • Performance management processes and systems
  • Ability to implement
  • Performance and project management

PwC proposition

We roll up our sleeves to work with municipalities in dealing with their performance management challenges by:

  • Providing guidance on modelling the economic reality within which municipalities have to operate and the impact of that on the GDS and IDP
  • Assisting municipalities in drafting realistic IDP’s and SDBIP’s and aligning these to the budget and MTEF’s
  • Developing municipal or entity scorecards based on the GDS/IDP/SDBIP and linking Section 57, other managers and staff’s balanced scorecards
  • Advising on how to improve productivity through performance management
  • Designing, co-implementing and maintaining performance management processes and systems for municipalities
  • Helping municipalities implement performance management to support, track and improve implementation
  • Guiding municipalities on linking performance management to municipal wide project and programme management to ensure effective implementation of the IDP and SDBIP objectives

Real, sustainable service delivery is possible by developing the strategy execution and performance management capabilities of local government through partnering in action!

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Jon Williams

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