Infrastructure Creation, Operations and Refurbishment

Local government challenges

  • Capital expenditure
  • Project management and coordination
  • Infrastructure maintenance, operations and refurbishment
  • Integrated infrastructure and urban planning
  • Water and electricity losses
  • Rapid transport infrastructure and systems
  • Stormwater and roads
  • Core service delivery infrastructure versus social infrastructure

PwC proposition

We recognise the importance of infrastructure in delivering core local government services and roll up our sleeves to work with municipalities in dealing with their infrastructure management challenges by:

  • Advising municipalities on unlocking the capital expenditure processes and how to accelerate infrastructure creation
  • Advising municipalities in managing infrastructure projects on an organisation-wide basis covering technical, finance, projects, integrated planning and reporting
  • Advising municipalities on the prioritisation of refurbishment and maintenance programmes
  • Providing guidance on how to link infrastructure and urban planning to ensure sustainable infrastructure and service delivery
  • Advising municipalities to initiate, create, operate, maintain and continuously improve rapid transport infrastructure and systems
  • Guiding municipalities to manage and maintain stormwater and roads in particular to minimise the impact of the unforeseen flooding of stormwater systems and roads
  • Helping municipalities understand the impact of service delivery orientated infrastructure creation versus social infrastructure from a funding and sustainability point of view and how to plan appropriately
  • Unpacking the role that infrastructure management has to play in curtailing and managing distribution losses in electricity and water

Real, sustainable service delivery is possible by developing the internal capacity of local government to create, operate, maintain and refurbish infrastructure!

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