Simplifying Staff Verification

Using technology to improve & update personnel information


  • When last did you confirm the number of employees that you have on your payroll?
  • How many valid employees do you have?
  • Have all employees valid RSA Identity documents been verified?
  • Do you suspect that you may have ghost employees?
  • Do you have duplicate entries on your payroll?


  • Good governance.
  • Compliments audit assertions that is Existence, Accuracy, Completeness.
  • Combat fraud and corruption.
  • Employee details confirmed electronically.
  • Employee fingerprints enrolled.
  • RSA Identity document scanned and verified.
  • Electronic signature captured and stored.


  • Fastest fingerprint enrollment reader on the market.
  • Fastest fingerprint verifier. 1:32 000 in 2 seconds
  • All details captured electronically.
  • No duplicates.
  • RSA Identity document scanned and tested for validity.
  • Enhances current HR System.
  • Can be integrated to current system.
  • Fingerprint cannot be copied or printed.

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