IT strategy, architecture and security

Local government challenges

  • Alignment of information technology to service delivery requirements
  • Data integrity and “one version of the truth”
  • Consumer billing accuracy
  • How to maximise the use of existing information technology and data to support service delivery
  • Unauthorised access to systems and data
  • Ensuring that the GDS/IDP/SDBIP are supported by an appropriate information technology strategy
  • Integration of a number of disparate systems leading to excessive manual intervention and poor information accuracy
  • Replacement of outdated systems
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PwC proposition

We recognise the importance of information technology as a key enabler in municipalities and work with municipalities in dealing with their information technology related challenges by:

  • Analysing the alignment of information technology to service delivery requirements looking at amongst others customer support, financial management, compliance and governance
  • Reviewing data management practices and advising on improvement opportunities
  • Cleansing data for consumer billing purposes
  • Advising municipalities to control access to systems and data to prevent unauthorised and fraudulent changes
  • Analysing existing information technology components at municipalities, the utilisation of such components and advising on how to use the current information technology capabilities in supporting service delivery, decision making and management requirements
  • Advising municipalities on appropriate information technology strategies to ensure the relevance of information technology as an enabler in delivering the core local government mandate
  • Guiding municipalities on where and how to go about replacing outdated systems

Real, sustainable transformation is by aligning and optimising information technology to service delivery.

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