Service Delivery and Customer Care

Local government challenges

  • Public participation
  • Call centres and customer care responsiveness
  • Services charter
  • Customer relationship management
  • Urban management
  • Facilities management
  • Turnaround times
  • Optimal service delivery models

PwC proposition

Service delivery is the cornerstone of local government and is currently by and large impeded by internal constraints and the silo effect. We are excited to share our skills and experience in working with municipalities in this space by:

  • Assisting municipalities to improve the effective level of public participation, enhancing call centre efficiency and the links back to the service delivery model
  • Advising on the drafting and implementation of service charters for municipalities taking cognisance of unique municipal attributes and capabilities
  • Designing and implementing customer care and relationship management practices by customer segment to ensure that customer requirements are addressed by segment
  • Advising on the best options for establishing a service delivery model that is aligned to customer segments, regional requirements, urban and facilities management imperatives and acceptable turn around time

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