Funding Options and Financing

Local government challenges

  • Long term funding of infrastructure
  • Credit ratings and credit worthiness
  • Impact of long term debt on the municipality
  • Adequacy of revenue to fund municipalities sustainably
  • Scenario modelling and forecasting
  • Long term finance strategies

PwC proposition

Financial management and administration is a core PwC competency. Funding of infrastructure and operational sustainability are of paramount importance to local government and we roll up our sleeves to work with municipalities in dealing with their funding challenges by:

  • Advising on long term funding structures and options available to municipalities
  • Assessing the credit worthiness of municipalities and advising on strategies to improve this
  • Modelling the impact of long term debt and other funding options on municipalities and forecasting the resulting scenarios
  • Assessing the adequacy of municipal revenue to service the cost of funding options
  • Advising municipalities on long term financing options

Sustainable funding of local government is key to ongoing service delivery!

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