Revenue Management and Enhancement

Local Government challenges

  • Non payment
  • Indigent management and free basic services
  • Budgeting, tariff determination and revenue planning
  • Little to no growth in the rates base
  • Customer data accuracy
  • Meter reading & billing accuracy
  • Debt management and credit control
  • Non-technical losses due to meter tampering and illegal connections
  • Call centre & customer relationship management
  • Cash flow planning and management
  • High level of outstanding consumer accounts

PwC proposition

We roll up our sleeves to work with municipalities in dealing with their revenue management challenges by:

  • Providing upfront revenue management rapid assessments to build the business case for transformation
  • Developing implementable revenue management & enhancement strategies
  • Enhancing municipal revenue through improving core revenue processes, systems, data quality, skills and organisational structures
  • Advising on cash management methods, systems and processes
  • Improving coordination across the various departments in municipalities to break down the silo effect and improve service delivery
  • Advising on customer segmentation and management
  • Advising on call-centre architecture, skills and practices
  • Providing cost analysis and tariff determination methods based on cost of services
  • Measurement and management of the impact of free basic services
  • Introducing location based revenue management, linking stand information to Town Planning, GIS, Deeds office, building applications, basic services applications and meter installations
  • Innovative visualisation of revenue data management per stand

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