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It is important for any organisation to ensure that the organisation’s strategy and objectives are translated into individual objectives for each employee to ensure that:

  • Each employee understands what is expected from him or her
  • Effort, reward and consequence are clearly defined and understood, and
  • A high-performing and motivated workforce is created.

Our comprehensive performance management methodology integrates value drivers as perceived by stakeholders, strategy, performance measures, as key performance indicators at organisation level, as well as at departmental level, with individual performance measures and performance management processes.


Balanced scorecard

The balanced scorecard is one of several methods used by PwC as a means of linking strategy to organisation and individual performance. The balanced scorecard can be defined as a carefully-selected set of measures derived from strategies, goals and objectives that represent a tool for leaders to use in communicating strategic direction to the organisation and for motivating change. These same measures form a basis for managers to plan, budget, structure the organisation and control results. It will provide a tool by which the implementation of the organisation’s strategic plan could be tracked and monitored. In addition, the performance measures that serve as a basis for individual performance management and self-development can also be linked to the organisation’s principles for service delivery.


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